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Hi my name’s Clive McGonigal and, other than being a well known typing error, I’m something of an Evangelist when it comes to WordPress sites and why every website address should have one installed! I’ve been designing sites on the web since 1997 – I started off with the ‘Old School’ HTML website stuff – […]

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Video Skin from – Facebook Marketing to the ‘nth’ degree – Simply Fricking AMAZING!

Video Skin from – Facebook Marketing to the ‘nth’ degree – Simply Fricking AMAZING!

By on December 28, 2013 in facebook, Video Marketing, Video Skin with 1 Comment

I got access to Wilco de Kreij’s incredible Video Skin application a couple of months back when it was in Beta & it’s extremely cool! Let me show you…

– and yes I paid for it ( actually I think I paid more than you guys can get it for today!) and, having had software developed myself, I know this must have cost a lot to have created.

Simply put this is what it can do for you ( well it can do more but this is good enough for me)!

  • Video Skin embeds a YouTube video into Facebook ( personal Timeline/Group or Page)
  • Allows you to add a funky thumbnail image
  • Video ‘Title’ and ‘Description’
  • …which, when clicked, plays that video inside of Facebook,
  • But – and here’s the MAGIC! – you can add a ‘Call To Action’ button/image that, when clicked, takes the viewer to your page, site of choice outside of Facebook.

VideoSkin is one of the most revolutionary ways to build a list using Facebook. The flexibility that you have with your videos is unreal. If you’re not using videos on Facebook to grow your brand, you need to start now. If you’re not using Videoskin when using videos on Facebook you’re missing a giant opportunity.

Find out more about my VideoSkin Bonuses HERE ( + a funky tip!)