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  • WordPress JV Launch Themes? Too many!

    Looking for a JV Launch Theme? Ever get the feeling somebody’s trying to sell you some ‘Product Launch’ software or application that just sucks? Either that or it’s the ‘Last WordPress Theme You’ll Ever Need’! Yeah right!

    3 new releases this month alone and that’s not including Kajabi!

  • Why Hide Your Affiliate Links? Are you mad?

    The simple fact is that we have NO idea how many potential affiliate commissions we are losing out on if we just link to the site we are promoting using a standard affiliate link.

    I think it sucks that all our hard work promoting something can get hijacked! Don’t you?

  • Clone a WordPress Blog? – at last the answer!

    When reporting on innovations in the WordPress (self-hosted naturally!) Blogosphere every now and then something comes along that makes me go, “Wooh HOO!“…

    …and write a post with way too many exclamation marks in it!!!

  • Blog Audio – Your blogging audio options?

    Synchronicity is a great thing isn’t it? Weird too! I’d been thinking about blog audio for a while now

  • Free Keyword Research – The Smarter Way!

    Let’s take a step back for a minute and analyze how we find Keyword Phrases to target, optimize our content for, get ‘traffic’ which, if we’ve got it right, will equal sales – “YAY!” ( but is this the ONLY way?)

    At the risk of flying into the face of all that’s holy me say NO!

  • Your Blog on TV? Wow!

    I’m a great fan of Google Alerts. You type in your keyword phrase query and Google will send you an email about sites on the WWW that are relevant. A great way of finding ideas/news related to your market!

    This came into my Inbox today! Blimey, I can promote myself on the telly!

  • WordPress Security – Evil Is Among Us!

    You’ve been smart enough to get yourself a self-hosted WordPress blog so don’t let yourself down

  • Reluctant Social Networker?

    Not everybody wants to Tweet! Some of us, horror of horrors, actually think Facebook is a load of bollox, wastes time and is an excuse for avoiding work while AT work!

    BUT, getting on top of Social Networking is a ‘must do’ – how to reconcile?

  • Blogging For Money? – an explanation

    I’m a massive fan of Anthony Fernando ( well it’s Doctor Anthony actually!) of Market Samurai. He’s recently come up with a new training/explanatory video which is MEGA!

    The most succinct explanation of how basic blog monetization works I’ve seen to date.

  • Stand By Me – Global net friendships

    It’s a lonely old business working from home, you can become a bit of a recluse if you’re not careful. Being in touch with like-minded people around the world helps.

    This video reminds me of the possibility and power of global friendships!

  • Safe Link Building

  • Mindomo

    This is yet another method of using an online tool to create a video you can add to YouTube and get that clickable button in
  • Powtoon

    Here’s another option for creating very cool animated slideshows which you can then add your bionic implants to: Powtoon or create clickable shapes, text etc.
  • GoAnimate

    Having fun playing with this:   CHECKOUT GOANIMATE FREE VERSION
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